[English] [Interview] 23. Legal Innovation from the bench: the perspective of a US Judge with Hon. John Facciola

Today’s episode brings a brand new perspective into the legal innovation debate. Hon. John Facciola shares his insights on the intersection between law and technology as a United States Magistrate Judge in the District of Columbia and a Law Professor at Georgetown Law School.

The Sedona Conference website: https://thesedonaconference.org

Georgetown LawAdvanced E-Discovery Institute website: 2018 Advanced eDiscovery Institute

Georgetown Institute for Law, Science and Global Security

[English] [Interview] 22. Mindfulness for Lawyers with Michael Goldman and Ruby Sheikh

Today I’m sharing with you a really powerful episode where I interview Michael Goldman and Ruby Sheik both working at Georgetown University Law Centre and facilitators at the Lawyers in Balance program.

We will be discussing meditation, mindfulness and some other ways that can help you cope with your everyday life and improve your professional skills from the inside out.


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[English] [Interview] 21. The Future of Law with Katia Lin: insights on Axiom

When I started the podcast I could only dream to have Katia Lin, East Coast Practice Manager at Axiom, as a guest and this week as we are celebrating 4 months since the podcast launch, we made it happen. If you have always admired the work Axiom is doing in the legal industry and are curious to find out more, this is the perfect episode for you.

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[English] 19. Emoji Law :)

First time you hear about Emojis in a legal context? This was me a couple months ago. But then out of curiosity, I started researching the legal implications of using emojis and I was very surprised about how many areas of law have been impacted by these cute symbols.

According to the Emoji report published in 2016, over 2.3 trillion messages including emojis where projected to be sent that year and this figure continues to grow every day. 

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[Español] 19. Emoticonos y Derecho (Emoji Law) :)

Es la primera vez que oyes hablar de emoticonos en un contexto jurídico? Yo estaba en la misma situación hasta hace un par de meses. Pero entonces por curiosidad, empecé a investigar cuales son las implicaciones legales del uso de emoticonos y me quedé alucinada de la cantidad de áreas del derecho en las que el uso de estos símbolos están marcando la diferencia.

El informe Emoji Report publicado en 2016, calculaba que durante el año 2016 se enviarían más de 2,3 billones de mensajes con emojis. Es probable que este número siga aumentando a medida que se crean más emoticonos y las marcas más relevantes fomentan su uso.

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[Español] 17. De igualas a suscriptores de servicios jurídicos

Hoy hablamos de modelos de suscripción aplicados a los servicios jurídicos. Si te estás preguntando cual es la diferencia entre estos modelos de suscripción y las igualas de toda la vida y como se están aplicando con éxito los modelos de suscripción en el ámbito jurídico. Este episodio te va a interesar mucho.

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