[Interview] 32. Maya Markovich: legal tech experience across the world [English]

Maya Markovich, Head of Product at NextLaw Labs, the lab founded by Dentons in 2015 (www.nextlawlabs.com) shares her experience in legal tech across the world. 

This episode covers:

– Innovation in the legal industry

– Automation of legal tasks

– T-shaped lawyers

– NextLaw Labs’ mission and projects

– Access to justice and the role of tech to close this gap

– Investments in legal tech and how venture capital is shaping the legal tech scene

– A global journey to the most active geographies in the legal tech space

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[Interview] 31. Maria Rubert: leading arbitration lawyer in Dubai [English]

María Rubert is a leading arbitration lawyer in Dubai, founder of Rubert & Partners: rubertpartners.com María’s youtube channel and instagram

In this episode you’ll find about working in arbitration law in the UAE, making major decisions in your career, navigating cultural differences in negotiation and litigation, business etiquette in the Arab world, women in law, how to built an international career, how to better communicate with clients and much more!

Stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear about Maria’s latest project: the Legal Coaching Institute. A project meant to support legal practitioners and law students.

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[Interview] 30. Miriam Gonzalez: a conversation on critical issues for the future of the legal industry [English]

Are you looking for some inspiration? This is your episode! Miriam González Durántez (our guest) is a partner at Dechert, co-chair of the firm’s International Trade and Government Regulation practice and president of the charity Inspiring Girls: www.inspiring-girls.com  She has built a stellar international career and more importantly she dares to speak up, to address critical issues for the future of the legal industry and the society at large.

In this episode you’ll find about:

1. Building an international career and practicing trade law (minute 2:15)

2. The need for lawyers to embrace advocacy roles (minutes 5:03)

3. Women in law (minute 6:00)

4. Leading by example, building up confidence and losing the fear of failure (minute 8:52)

5. Inspiring Girls Campaign (minute 10:07)

6. Lawyers and social media (minute 13:20)

7. Advise for the next generation of lawyers and what needs to change in the legal industry (minute 15:54)

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29. La Fintech Week 2018 de Georgetown [Español]

Fintech Week 2018 organizada por el Institute of International Economic Law ( http://www.iielaw.org ), de la Facultad de Derecho de Georgetown y The Institute for Financial Markets, del Fondo Monetario Internacional.

En este episodio podrás descubrir:

  1. El papel de los legisladores como facilitadores de innovación en el ámbito Fintech (minuto 4:50)
  2. Innovación en África (minuto 7:04)
  3. Smart Regulations – normativa inteligente (minuto 8:45)
  4. Experiencia Fintech Shark Tank (minuto 15:58)
  5. Capital humano (minuto 17:21)

Para más información sobre las actividades de LabCFTC: www.cftc.gov

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29. Highlights on Georgetown’s Fintech Week 2018 [English]

Fintech Week 2018 was co-hosted by Institute of International Economic Law, from Georgetown University Law Center and The Institute for Financial Markets, from the International Monetary Fund.

This episode covers:

1. Regulators Involvement with Fintech Companies (minute 4:17)

2. Innovation in Africa (minute 6:28)

3. Smart Regulation (minute 8:00)

4. Fintech Shark Tank Experience (minute 13:19)

5. Human Capital (minute 14:48)

LabCFTC aks innovators for competition ideas: https://www.cftc.gov

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[Interview] 28. Jason Foscolo, Founder of The Food Law Firm: A successful subscription based law firm [English]

Jason Foscolo’s journey is unlike any other lawyer we’ve had on The Quirky Lawyer Podcast before.

This episode covers how:

1. To build a successful subscription based law firm;

2. To give legal advise on innovative food products, such as vegan cheese;

3. Your passion and any experiences on your life help you build a niche and attract clients;

4. Innovation comes from limitations and going through biglaw is not the only route to success; and

5. To show clients, in tangible ways, the value you bring to the table as a lawyer.

You can find Jason in his website www.foodlawfirm.com

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[Español] 27. Storytelling para abogados: el poder de nuestras historias

La persuasión es una habilidad indispensable para los abogados. O puedes contar historias que persuadan, convenzan, apasionen, en definitiva, historias que ganen debates y negociaciones o te va a ser muy difícil conseguir clientes.

Este episodio explora las claves del storytelling. 

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[English] 27. Storytelling for lawyers: the power of our narrative

As a lawyer being persuasive is a must skill to master. Either you are able to tell stories that persuade, compel, convince and ultimately win arguments and negotiations or you are going to have a very hard time landing clients.

Discover why storytelling is a critical skill for lawyers and the keys to good communication.

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[English] [Interview] 26. Legal Creatives with Tessa Manuello: Infusing Creativity into Legal Work

This episode is a deep dive into creativity in legal practice featuring Tessa Manuello, an expert in legal innovation and creativity. We cover:

– How lawyers can be more creative in their daily practice;

– How to reduce the access to justice gap while improving lawyers’ lifestyle;

– Legal design;

– Contract sprints; and

– The best tools to enhance innovation and creativity.

Follow Tessa on https://www.legalcreatives.com , youtube and Instagram

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[English] [Interview] 25. Richard Mabey’s success story: Building Data-Driven Legal Teams

Today’s episode features Richard Maybey CEO at Juro (https://juro.com). Richard has successfully transitioned from big law to legaltech entrepreneur and is transforming the way contracts are made.

This episode has great insights on:

– How data is reshaping legal work;

– How to transition from traditional legal roles into legal tech;

– Legal operations teams;

– Legal design; and

– Strategic legal thinking.

Juro has just released a free ebook “Legal Operations: How to do it and why it matters”. You can download it from the following link:Legal Operations Ebook

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