[Interview] 31. Maria Rubert: leading arbitration lawyer in Dubai [English]

María Rubert is a leading arbitration lawyer in Dubai, founder of Rubert & Partners: rubertpartners.com María’s youtube channel and instagram

In this episode you’ll find about working in arbitration law in the UAE, making major decisions in your career, navigating cultural differences in negotiation and litigation, business etiquette in the Arab world, women in law, how to built an international career, how to better communicate with clients and much more!

Stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear about Maria’s latest project: the Legal Coaching Institute. A project meant to support legal practitioners and law students.

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[Interview] 30. Miriam Gonzalez: a conversation on critical issues for the future of the legal industry [English]

Are you looking for some inspiration? This is your episode! Miriam González Durántez (our guest) is a partner at Dechert, co-chair of the firm’s International Trade and Government Regulation practice and president of the charity Inspiring Girls: www.inspiring-girls.com  She has built a stellar international career and more importantly she dares to speak up, to address critical issues for the future of the legal industry and the society at large.

In this episode you’ll find about:

1. Building an international career and practicing trade law (minute 2:15)

2. The need for lawyers to embrace advocacy roles (minutes 5:03)

3. Women in law (minute 6:00)

4. Leading by example, building up confidence and losing the fear of failure (minute 8:52)

5. Inspiring Girls Campaign (minute 10:07)

6. Lawyers and social media (minute 13:20)

7. Advise for the next generation of lawyers and what needs to change in the legal industry (minute 15:54)

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