29. La Fintech Week 2018 de Georgetown [Español]

Fintech Week 2018 organizada por el Institute of International Economic Law ( http://www.iielaw.org ), de la Facultad de Derecho de Georgetown y The Institute for Financial Markets, del Fondo Monetario Internacional.

En este episodio podrás descubrir:

  1. El papel de los legisladores como facilitadores de innovación en el ámbito Fintech (minuto 4:50)
  2. Innovación en África (minuto 7:04)
  3. Smart Regulations – normativa inteligente (minuto 8:45)
  4. Experiencia Fintech Shark Tank (minuto 15:58)
  5. Capital humano (minuto 17:21)

Para más información sobre las actividades de LabCFTC: www.cftc.gov

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29. Highlights on Georgetown’s Fintech Week 2018 [English]

Fintech Week 2018 was co-hosted by Institute of International Economic Law, from Georgetown University Law Center and The Institute for Financial Markets, from the International Monetary Fund.

This episode covers:

1. Regulators Involvement with Fintech Companies (minute 4:17)

2. Innovation in Africa (minute 6:28)

3. Smart Regulation (minute 8:00)

4. Fintech Shark Tank Experience (minute 13:19)

5. Human Capital (minute 14:48)

LabCFTC aks innovators for competition ideas: https://www.cftc.gov

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[Interview] 28. Jason Foscolo, Founder of The Food Law Firm: A successful subscription based law firm [English]

Jason Foscolo’s journey is unlike any other lawyer we’ve had on The Quirky Lawyer Podcast before.

This episode covers how:

1. To build a successful subscription based law firm;

2. To give legal advise on innovative food products, such as vegan cheese;

3. Your passion and any experiences on your life help you build a niche and attract clients;

4. Innovation comes from limitations and going through biglaw is not the only route to success; and

5. To show clients, in tangible ways, the value you bring to the table as a lawyer.

You can find Jason in his website www.foodlawfirm.com

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